Not just another online community. It's a TV Revolution.

We’re not bloviating for the sake of it. The fact is that VIVE Community is the first niche (industry) social network affiliated with an actual television network – the first UHD / long-form / lifestyle/ linear experience television network. Basically, you’re here because you want to work, you want to hone your craft, meet skilled professionals, catapult your career into the realm of UHD TV. We’re not just here to talk about it… we are all here for the common purpose of creating compelling content and getting it seen. In case you’re wondering exactly where, here is a glimpse of the screens your contribution to VIVE programmes will be seen.

It’s about less talk, more action. Let’s get to work!

#AllForOneOneForAll #LessTalkMoreAction #GetItSeen #EntertaintmentEverywhere #MakeItDontFakeIt #UHDinitiative #TVrevolution

How It Works… and Pays Off


C O L L A B O R A T E & C R E A T E

D I S T R I B U T E & M O N E T I S E

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