VLN Academy

Amateur or professional. Something for everyone.

VLN Academy — the only training program of its kind organized by a genuine global digital television network — is available to novice content creators who aspire to get into the TV industry and have perhaps contemplated enrolling in an expensive film or television broadcast school, as well as working professionals that want to expand their skill sets in areas that may be more specific to UHD, such as post production & cinematography. The former group make excellent candidates for comprehensive and time- and cost-effective VLN 4K Film & TV PRDXN Boot Camps slated to be held regularly in major international cities, whilst the latter would be best suited to partake in the 4K PRDXN Pro Training Program  led by the same esteemed mentors as the boot camps, yet more advanced in nature. In either case – boot camps or pro training – students will work on short films or episodic programmes intended for universal broadcast, thereby affording them practical experience from the onset of embarking upon their careers in television.

4K Film & TV PRDXN Boot Camps

Get in the queue early and reserve your spot at one of VLN Academy’s forthcoming 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps in Atlanta, Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

4K PRDXN Pro Training Program

Enrolling in VLN Academy’s immersive Pro Training Program will afford you access to state-of-the-art UHD equipment & facilities, experience working on real world, widely broadcast commercial productions, and exposure to exclusive career opportunities.


4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps

Do I need any experience of any kind to partake in 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps?

No, none whatsoever. Whilst having experience in any given discipline of video production may prove useful as a reference, there are approaches to creating broadcast-quality (high end) television series which are specific to UHD and long-form factual entertainment. VLN Academy’s 4K Film & TV PRDXN Boot Camp curriculum will offer you the opportunities to gain hands on experience that will prepare you for the more advanced, in-depth, hands-on Pro Training Program offered separately and subsequently to the initial boot camp.

Who should consider applying/attending?

Basically, anyone with an interest in film and television production, whether it be a newfound or burgeoning passion or even film/television school graduates keen to enhance heir skill sets. Aficionados may want to consider enrolling in VLN Academy 4K PRDXN Pro Training Program which emphasizes specific disciplines, accordingly.

Will I be required to purchase/own or rent any equipment or software?

No, everything necessary shall be provided for.

How many students partake in each boot camp?

Class (camp) sizes are limited to 20 students (maximum) per city per session, hence the importance of claiming a spot sooner rather than later.

When will 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps transpire?

Beginning in August 2016, boot camps will be held in different cities on different dates over time according to interest.

In what cities will 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps be offered?

Atlanta, Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Is VLN Academy or are its 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps accredited?

No, VLN Academy’s interest lies with training professionals to ultimately work primarily within the UHD TV & film realm creating content for its worldwide Entertainment Everywhere platform, VIVE Lifestyle Network.

How much will it cost?

Boot Camp participation shall cost $650.00 per person OR save $50.00 and pay only $600.00 per person if you refer a friend and pay the $1,200.00 combined fee in one transaction. Moreover, travel expenses and accommodations shall not be provided for as part of the tuition. Attendees shall be expected to make their own arrangements. Mid-day meals and refreshments throughout the day shall be provided.

What payment processor does VLN Academy employ?

VLN Academy elects to use Eventbrite to book its courses because Eventbrite is the world’s largest (hence, reliable & trusted) self-service ticketing platform. Also, our payment processor of choice is PayPal which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, eCheck & PayPal.

Will I get credit for participating in a Boot Camp if I enroll in the more advanced Pro Training Program?

Yes, we will apply the full amount of your payment for the boot camp to the cost of the Pro Training Program (i.e. $650.00 if you pay full price).

How are slots allocated?

Actually, positions are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, yet they are contingent upon payment in full to secure your position 100%.

My question is not addressed above. How can I get an answer?

Still have questions not addressed above? We would love to hear from you. Tweet us @VLN_Community or submit a question through our Assistance page by clicking the button below.

Pro Level Master Classes

Who should attend master classes, workshops & training clinics?

Film and television post-graduates and professionals interested in unprecedented exposure to education, equipment and facilities ultimately enriching their core competencies through experience on real UHD television series.

How much do master classes cost?

Prices vary according to location, duration and subject(s).

For example, a one-day 4K/5K/6K shooting master class taught by mentor (DoP), Giles Harvey, in London for up to 15 participants may run in the region of £500.00 (Pounds Sterling) per attendee.

A make-up master class that transpires over the course of three weekends may cost in the neighbourhood of £900.00 (Pounds Sterling) per attendee.

Are there ever multi-buy discounts?

Yes, when and where applicable, participants may be able to pay a reduced price for multiple master class and/or for multiple reservations to the same master class. Terms and conditions may apply.

Where are master classes offered?

Typically, VLN Academy master classes are offered parallel to the 4K TV PRDXN Boot Camps in Atlanta, Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. However, VLN Academy will expand to other major international cities as its mentor roster grows.

How much to training clinics cost?

On occasions VLN Academy organises straightforward (non-production) manufacturer equipment training clinics exclusively for Club VLN members to attend free of charge.