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Skip School / Get on Set Playlist

Check out this curated YouTube playlist of credible unaffiliated third-parties’ (some famous, some not-so-famous) film school testimonials.

  1. Werner Herzog’s Filmmaking Masterclass Official Trailer – 1:45
  2. Spike Lee’s Advice to Film School Graduates for Film Courage – 1:51
  3. Should I Go to Film School? by Ross Brown for Film Courage – 5:05
  4. Why Film School Sucks (NYU Film School graduate testimonial) for Engineered Truth – 29:52
  5. Does Going to College Help You Break into the Film Industry? by AMC Movie News – 5:53
  6. Everything I Learned in Film School in Under 3 Minutes by Mikey Gleason – 3:20
  7. Pros and Cons of Going to Film School by D4Darious – 7:02

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